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El.En. is the heart and leader of the Group, where all the laser sources for the application systems produced by the various companies of the Group are developed. Within El.En., the R&D sector has the core role of designing and realizing innovative laser systems, as well as carrying on research projects with Italian and European research companies and organizations.


The extraordinary technology of the El.En laser sources enhances this noble material with an endless choice of ornamental solutions: engraving, cutting of inlay work pieces, applications in craftwork, gifts and interior design.



The high precision in repetition and quality make the laser cut the best procedure to work polymeric materials; likewise, polypropylene and polyethylene suitable for etching and engraving via the El.En. laser systems.



Regular and stainless steel, aluminum and brass alloys, and titanium are successfully treated with the  El.En. laser. Most metallic materials offer the right features for laser cutting. The incident beam focuses with such precision that it reaches specific power of a million Watt per square cm, thus allowing surface fusion and cutting on almost all metals, despite the high reflectivity level of the surface.



The company’s care for details shows also in its packaging, boxes and containers. The El.En. lasers are also used in this stage, ensuring the quality of the items and lower industrial process costs.



The well-tested El.En. technologies allow the use of laser soldering, cutting and engraving also in this sector that has seen a swift development. High dynamics and smart control techniques make El.En.’s technology one of the best in the Italian and international domain.



Laser’s most significant feature is enhanced when used on paper, as it can cut without burning. All the materials in the technical-paper sector can be etched, cut and pierced with El.En. lasers to create refined designs, decorations and etchings.



Glass is part of our everyday life, from drinking glasses to lenses. El.En.’s laser technology allows engravings in a simple, precise, and most of all lasting way, without changing the properties of glass.



The  technology of the carbon-dioxide laser sources of the El.En. group is suitable to etch, engrave and watermark ceramics and porcelain items. The process occurs without contact, thus avoiding the fixing of the material.



The technology of the El.En. laser sources devised to etch, cut and carve natural and synthetic leather grants excellent decorative results easily obtainable and offering high productiveness.



Less waste, less dust and clean edges are only a few advantages of the El.En.’s technology. The laser allows to work on a large array of fabrics, to decorate, cut, and engrave with the highest precision.


Laser sources

Home planning and the realization of the main components of the laser sources allow El.En to check and consistently improve the system features according to their application; increased productiveness at lower costs are key to further success in innovative applications. The large array of models and  El.En.’s well-established experience in designing optic resonators ensure the best quality of beams and energy for your application. The electronic control devices of the El.En. lasers is based on our own hardware, and can therefore be designed to meet the client’s needs for the CNC interface.  Electronic efficiency and great reliability make the El.En. lasers the most effective and least expensive choice on the market.


Scanning systems

Over 20 years of experience in the application of remote laser have allowed El.En. to develop systems of high-performance galvanometer scanning for its laser sources, suitable to power fiber lasers. Initially designed and consistently improved for its internal use, El.En. offers its well-tested solutions to the market, offering the all-embracing experience coming from years of direct experience in the field.


Special laser solutions

For years, our laboratories have carried out careful tests on various materials to check their feasibility, adjusting our solutions to meet our clients’ needs, often with remarkably satisfying outcomes. We are inspired to test new applications, following the intuition and enthusiasm that feature El.En.’s team of technicians: sectioning wood, cutting packaging cardboard, writing on paper, decorating fabric, soldering plastic films, heating, evaporating, cleaning marble, are just a few instances where lasers can be used, and analogic processes can go digital. Today we can replace hot bars to solder plastic threads or blades to cut fabric with adjustable laser systems that can be set up remotely through a touch panel, instead of potentiometers, micrometric adjustments and equipment that will need to be replaced.

El.En. - Monday, 26 October 2015

EXPOLASER Piacenza El.En. will exhibit at "EXPOLASER" in Piacenza 12 - 14 November 2015.  

El.En. - Friday, 05 June 2015

LASER WORLD of PHOTONICS El.En. has exhibited at "Laser World Of Photonics " in Munich 22 - 25 June 2015

El.En. - Wednesday, 04 March 2015

Science and Applications of Laser Technology El.En. takes part in the next conference "Science and Applications of Laser Technology" to be held in Austria on 18 March with a speech on the theme: "State of the art laser applications in medicine, industry and art conservation."