Made in Italy excellence technology, research and cutting-edge technology, proprietary know-how, enviromental care, competitive and customized solutions: these are the distinguishing features of El.En


El.En. is the heart and the direction of the Group, where all the laser sources for the systems produced by different companies in the group are developed. A central role is played by the research and development department dedicated to the design and implementation of innovative laser systems. In El.En. research projects in collaboration with companies and Italian and European research organizations are planned and carried out


The extraordinary technology of El.En laser sources allows to valorise this noble material with an endless choice of decorative solutions: marking, cutting pieces for inlay, applications in handicraft, decorative objects and furnishings.



The high repetition accuracy and quality make laser cutting the best processing method of polymeric materials; at the same time methacrylate, polypropylene and polyethylene are well suited for cutting, engraving and marking with El.En laser sources:
• The high accuracy allows for extremely detailed shapes
• totally cleaned and defined edges
• Reduced maintenance costs thus low production costs
• Efficient suction and filtering systems for the cutting emissions.



Conventional, alloyed and stainless steels, aluminum alloys, brass and titanium are easily treated by El.En lasers with excellent results. Most of the metallic materials, in fact, presents good characteristics for laser cutting. The incident beam that, thanks to the high focusing, reaches specific power of one million watts per cm2 allows the superficial fusion and the cutting of almost all metals, despite the high levels of reflectivity of the surfaces.



The care given to the objects begins from the choice of the cases, boxes and containers that contain them.
The El.En laser are also used in the packaging industry for cutting, marking, micro-drilling, welding and sealing of edges making the product quality constant and absolute and reducing the costs of the industrial process



The tested El.En technologies allow the use of welding, cutting and laser marking in this sector, which in recent years has had a rapid development. High dynamics and intelligent control techniques make El.En technology one of the best in this field, both nationally and internationally



The most significant feature of the laser is highlighted in its use on the paper: the laser, in fact, is able to cut the paper without burning it. All the materials of the paper industry can be marked, cut and pierced with El.En lasers and sophisticated geometries, decorations and engravings can be performed.



Glass is present in many situations of our daily life: from everyday objects such as cups, up to lenses. El.En Laser technology allows to etch writings and decorations in a simple, precise and especially lasting way, without modifying the properties of the glass



The technology of El.En.Group’s CO2 laser sources is suitable for engraving and marking of writings on pieces of ceramics and porcelain. The laser processing occurs without contact making the fastening of the material unnecessary. Unlike sculpture, milling or drilling, the tool will not wear and doesn’t have to be replaced.



The technology of El.En laser sources designed for marking, cutting and carving of natural and synthetic leathers, offers unique decorative results achieved with simplicity and high productivity.



Fabrics processing is simplified by the laser equipment. Less waste, less dust and hems without fraying are just some of the advantages over traditional techniques with scissors or other manual cutting tools. The laser allows  to work on a wide range of fabrics, making decorations, cuts, engravings  of very high precision.


Laser sources

The internal design and manufacturing of the main components of the laser sources, allow El.En. to control and improve the system characteristics depending upon the application, higher productivity at lower cost is the formula for new success in innovative applications. The large range of models and the proven experience of El.En. in the design of optical resonators allow to always obtain the best beam quality and power for your application. Furthermore electronic control of the El.En. lasers is based on a proprietary hardware and therefore can be designed according to the customer needs for the CNC interface. The high electrical efficiency and the high reliability make the El.En. lasers the most effective and economic choice on the market.


Scanning systems

More than two decades of experience in laser applications remote, have enabled El.En. Group to develop galvanometric scanning systems with high performance for its laser sources, suitable for fiber laser power. Initially developed and continuously improved for their own internal use, El.En offers its proven solutions to the market, making available to its customers the experience of multi-disciplinary and multi-application derived from years of direct experience in the field.


Special laser solutions

Since many years , at the ELEN laboratories, our team with dedication and diligence has been carrying out, tests on whatever materials to verify the laser suitability and feasibility, by adapting the proposed solutions to the needs of our customers often with surprising results. Special applications arise from the desire to experience new opportunities following the insight and enthusiasm which distinguish the El.En technical team: to dissect wood, to cut a cardboard, to write on paper, to die-cut a sticker, to decorate a fabric , to weld a plastic film, to heat an object, to evaporate a liquid, to clean a marble ... are just few examples of the application fields of the laser. With the application of the laser, many processes are transformed from "analog" to "digital". Today it is possible to think of replacing hot bars for soldering plastic wires or blades to cut edges of a tissue with laser systems fully adjustable and configurable from a touch panel with remote control instead of using potentiometers, precision adjustment and equipments which need to be replaced.

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