A long tradition of dedication towards the achievement of high levels of quality in the manufacturing of our products addressed to markets followed with great care and professionalism, make Cutlite Penta a global player in the field of laser cutting of metallic and non-metallic materials.


Cutlite Penta is an Italian company established in 1992 and since its foundation has taken advantage of the technological support of El.En and Valfivre heritage, historic Florentine company.

This synergy has led Cutlite Penta to be one of the major Italian companies dedicated to the design, construction and sale of CO laser systems. Cutlite Penta has always considered essential the quality of after-sales services offered to its customers and a consequence of this philosophy are the many service centers spread around the world: China, United States, Brazil are among the countries that host both production locations and commercial, technical service. Consequently, the reliability and competence demonstrated by now have allowed Cutlite Penta to reach a position of absolute importance in the rest of the world scene for the areas of its competence. The determination to turn ideas into action, the constant attention to the real needs of the various markets, together with the multiplicity of existing skills within the Group El.En are some of the headlines that have guided Cutlite Penta over the years and will continue to lead in the future. Quality, technology, flexibility and attention mix together in each Cutlite Penta product, which, consequently, appears to be a clear example of "Italian Excellence".


Laser technology creates, with extreme ease, products that result from the use of machines designed and manufactured with great care. Cutlite Penta laser systems perform on non-metallic materials cutting of particular objects with a complex and extremely detailed profile, which is impossible to be obtained with cutting tools used in traditional processing methods. Thanks to the extreme fineness of the laser, is possible to get a thin cut, with a width of a few tenths of a millimeter. The Cutlite Penta machines realize complex finished products, cut and decorated.



Cutlite Penta and its dedicated systems are worldwide leaders in the field of high quality laser processing of non-metallic materials. Among them, wood deserves a special consideration. Laser technology is applied to the cutting of this material when the user wishes to obtain details with a complex profile, often unachievable with traditional pantographs. A good optical quality of the laser and the care taken in its propagation are essential to minimize the effects of carbonization of the profile of the cut: with the technology of the most innovative Cutlite Penta systems it is possible to obtain amazingly cleaned results.


Die Boards

The die-board made with the "American" system is an essential tool for the papermaking industry. It is obtained from a table of plywood on which cuts of precise width are made that exactly follow the design of the profile of the boxes and the lines that need to be folded in order to close them. Cutlite Penta realizes two different types of die-boards cutting machines, the just mentioned flatbed and the rotary presses; in this last case the cuts are not executed on the plane, but on a cylindrical "shell". The Cutlite Penta technology allows to execute identical and precise cuts, impossible to be obtained with traditional cutting methods such as jigsaws.



Cutlite Penta with its dedicated metal systems has the aim of strengthening its presence in strategic markets: the technological innovation. With a clear overview of the new technologies, Cutlite Penta has successfully developed a range of machines with excellent performance both with sources in CO ₂ that fiber laser, showing up on the market is highly dynamic and competitive proposing machines for sheet metal working technology advanced.


3D Cutting

AlfaCube 3020 is an innovative laser machine with 5 axes, 3 Cartesian and two rotary motion. The monolithic structure with the laser on board allows to minimize installation time and ensures extreme stability of the optical alignment.



The laser marking systems are entrusted to a prestigious brand of the group, Ot-Las. Thanks to Group El.En, Technology these systems are employed in the laser treatment for skin, ceramics, fabrics, wallpaper and other various materials. The experience in the field of marking, laser cutting and decoration is constantly evolving thanksalso to important international collaborations.



The design philosophy of Cutlite Penta has always pursued high performance and reliability, essential for the realization of systems dedicated to challenging industrial uses. The PLUS LM series represents the top of technology for cutting plastics: linear motor technology allows a perfect quality of processing, very high dynamics and great production capacity. This makes the LM PLUS systems the primary choice for those companies that plan to invest and evolve in this area.



Cutlite Penta always adopted a philosophy in building systems manufactured by it,  that emphasizes the constructive choices that ensure reliability and performance of their machines dedicated to an 'industrial use. The PLUS LM family systems’ is the ultimate synthesis on the market today for reliability and performance. These systems, usinging the linear motor technology, ensure high productivity and steady performance even for a very heavy use


PLUS H Metal

The PLUS H  family systems’ guarantees on standard, large and very large sizes workspaces, outstanding and repeatable performance. These systems using a rack and pinion handling made that, combined with the use of extremely hard gears, leading to maximum performance levels achievable with this solid technology ensuring high productivity and steady performance even for a very heavy use.


PLUS 2015

The PLUS 2015, with its working area of 1550x2050 mm, is the smallest machine of the PLUS series. The small size makes this machine competitive even equipped with a ball screw gantry layout that still allows an acceleration of more than 1 g for the combined axes. The numerical control guarantees excellent dynamics along the machining paths.



The LT 1513 system (working area 1550x1250 mm) is proposed as the entry-level of the Cutlite Penta production range; extremely compact and reliable, it has been designed and developed aiming to an excellent price/performance ratio. Despite its small size, the machine can be equipped with the same optical devices as the other systems of the PLUS series: among these, our capacitive focusing head for cutting of metal sheets.



The traditional architecture made with a working area  that moves interpolating on the two orthogonal axes, to move the material being processed without moving the optical path of the laser: this guarantees an easier and reliable approach over time to obtain the width cutting stability required for the die board treatment. The new proposed models give to the machine a compact syste hardly thinkable before for a moving table system.



The OFR-P system  best meets the increasing demands for precision and productivity that the industry of rotary dies proposes; equipped  with an effective system for attaching pneumatic shells processing, allows the assembly of new shells on special accessory mounting while the machine can continue the work in progress.



AlfaCube 3020 is an innovative laser machine with 5 axes, 3 cartesian and two rotary motion. The monolithic structure with the laser on board allows to minimize installation time and ensures extreme stability of the optical alignment. AlfaCube 3020 is the 5-axis laser system that meets the needs of the sector. Extreme flexibility, low operating costs and the ability to work with rotations of + - 180 ° c axis are features that make it unique on the market, allowing work on the underside of the details without repositioning the work piece usually very dangerous for the machining accuracy.



Ot-Las is the prestigious company brand with Cutlite Penta builds specialized laser solutions designed to meet any production requirement; it is CO₂ laser marking systems, with the El.En Group's technology. These systems can be used in the treatment and decoration of leather, ceramics, various fabrics, wallpaper and many other materials.

Cutlite Penta - Friday, 06 June 2014

OPEN HOUSE Cutlite Penta will attend at Laserplas from  10th to 11th of July 2014, Unit 2D Eden Business Park, Dunns Close Nuneaton – Warwickshire- CV11 4NE - UK, where it will be presented the new PLUS LM 3020 CP system with RF 777 laser source.

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