Featuring its continuous commitment to reach top quality in the production of items designed for markets always followed with professional care, Cutlite Penta is among the most renowned companies in the sector of laser cutting systems.

Italian excellence 

Cutlite Penta was founded in Italy in 1992 and since then, it has always availed itself of El.En.’s technical support and of the legacy of Valfivre, a historical Florentine company.

This synergy led Cutlite Penta to become one of the main Italian companies working on designing, developing and selling carbon-dioxide laser systems. Its renowned seriousness and competence have allowed Cutlite Penta to reach a top position in the world:  China, Brazil and the United States are some of the countries hosting its manufacturing, business and technical sites. Several customer care services are spread out worldwide, to offer an efficient and prompt post-sale service. Its determination in turning ideas into facts, its consistent care of the real needs of the various world markets, and its manifold competences within the El.En. Group are the cornerstones that have led Cutlite Penta through the years, and will continue to lead it into the future. Quality, technology, flexibility and care merge crafting the Cutlite Penta items, and making the company a clear example of Italian Excellence.



Laser technology produces with utter simplicity through devices that have been designed and developed with great care. The Cutlite Penta laser systems cut in non-metallic materials special items with complicated and detailed designs, impossible to obtain with the traditional shaving tools.



Cutlite Penta’s delicate systems lead the section of high-quality laser manufacturing of non-metallic materials in the world; among these, wood deserves a special chapter. Laser technology applies to cutting wood when complex details are not attainable with traditional pantographs. High optical quality of the laser and its careful propagation are crucial to minimize the risk of burning the cutting profile. The state-of-the-art technology of the Cutlite Penta systems creates exceptionally clean results. Wood may prove hard and require the laser source to offer high emission power.


Die Boards

Die cutting carried out with a flatbed is essential for paper industry and it is made with a multilayer wood board where cuts are made, following the patterns along the lines needed to fold the item manufactured. Cutlite Penta realizes two different kinds of die cutters: flatbed die cutters and rotary die cutters. With the latter, cuts are not made on the level surface, but on a cylinder frame. This technology allows precise cuts, impossible to attain with the traditional methods carried out with the copying saws.



Cutlite Penta’s systems for metal has the target of consolidating its presence in the strategic market of technological innovation.  Its clear overall vision of state-of-the-art technology has allowed Cutlite Penta to develop successfully a range of high-performance devices both with carbon dioxide sources and fiber laser, and high-tech devices for the manufacturing of metal plates.


3D Cutting

AlfaCube 3020 is an innovative laser device with 3 Cartesian axes and two rotary axes. The monolithic structure with laser source allows shorter installation times and the great stability of the optical alignment. AlfaCube 3020 is the 5-axis system meeting the entire range of needs of the sector. Featuring great flexibility, lower operating costs and the possibility to work with +- 180° rotations on the c axis, the device is  unique on the market as it allows to work also on the underside of the details, avoiding having to lodge back the piece which would result in inaccuracy.



The laser engraving systems are entrusted to a prestigious section of the group, Ot-Las; with the El.En. laser technology, these systems are used to engrave leather, ceramics, high-tech fabrics, wallpaper, and other materials. The substantial international collaboration in the sector has originated a significant evolution in laser engraving, decoration and cutting.



Cutlite Penta’s production philosophy has always had high performances and dependability as goals, crucial for the production of systems suitable to heavy industrial use.  The PLUS LM series is the top technology in plastic materials cutting: the linear engine technology ensures the perfect manufacturing, high dynamics and productive capacity. The PLUS LM systems are therefore the leading choice for the companies aiming at investing and developing in this sector.



Cutlite Penta has always followed a philosophy in building its systems, that privileges dependability and performances suitable to industrial devices. The range of  PLUS LM systems represents the top in today’s market in these terms. All these systems use linear engines to ensure high productivity and consistent performances also with respect to heavy employment.


PLUS H Metal

All the PLUS H systems guarantee excellent replicable performances both in standard work areas, and in large and massive areas. These systems use racks to move, and extremely rigid reducers which result in top level performances, high productiveness and consistent results, also when used in heavy industry.


PLUS 2015

With a work area of 1550x2050 mm, PLUS 2015 is the smallest device of the PLUS group. Its smaller size makes it very competitive; if features traditional motorization with the recirculating ball screws in gantry, allowing nonetheless an acceleration of over 1 g per combined axis. The number control guarantees great dynamics along the manufacturing course.



The LT 1513 system (work area of 1500x1250 mm) is the entry-level of the production range of Cutlite Penta: extremely compact and dependable, it was designed to reach the best price/performance ratio. Despite its smaller size, the device may have the same optical equipment as the other PLUS devices, among which the capacitive focusing head to cut metal sheets.



The traditional scheme of the workbench moving interpolating on two orthogonal axes allows to move the material, still keeping the optical course of the laser steady. This ensures an easier and more dependable approach to obtain the stability of the cut required by the die cutting process. The new models suggested give the device a compactness hardly conceivable before for the moving-table system.



The  OFR-P system meets at best the growing need for the precision and productiveness of the sector of rotary die cutting. Equipped with an effective system of pneumatic coupler of the shells to be processed, it allows the preparation of the other shells on a suitable accessory installation while the device can continue to work.



AlfaCube 3020 is an innovative laser device with 3 Cartesian axes and two rotating axes. The monolithic structure equipped with laser source allows to decrease significantly installation time and guarantees great stability of the optical alignments. AlfaCube 3020 is the 5-axis laser system meeting all the needs of the sector. Featuring great flexibility, reduced working costs and the possibility to work with +- 180° rotations on the c axis, this device is unique on the market, as it allows working also on the underside of the details, avoiding having to lodge back the piece which would cause inaccuracy.



Ot-Las is the prestigious company trademark with which Cutlite Penta builds laser solutions to meet all productive needs: these engraving systems with carbon dioxide lasers are equipped with El.En. technology and can be used in treating and decorating leather, ceramics, fabrics, wall paper, and other materials.



FIBER PLUS combine high performance, great structural stiffness and high efficiency. The linear motors technology enebles high dynamics (<2.5G), allowing high productivity even on extremely complex geometries.

Cutlite Penta - Monday, 02 March 2015

TechTextil - Frankfurt Cutlite Penta will participate to the next Techtextil in Frankfurt from 4th to 7th May 2015, together with ICE - ACIMIT.

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SIMAC TANNING TECH Cutlite Penta has exhibited at SIMAC TANNING TECH Italia in Milan from 25 to 27 of February 2015. Our booth L17 K18.

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OPEN HOUSE Cutlite Penta, presented FIBER PLUS the new system for cutting metal, at Adriatica Industriale Srl from 12th and 13th of December 2014. Adriatica Industriale, Via Polvere delle Rose, 8 (ZI) 70033 Corato (Bari)